Have fun and keep Kids Entertained

Go for a different kind of entertainment, have fun with the kids and get fun activities at Lakeside Collection.

Get ready for fun and laughter, make your own game and opt for a Set of 2 Bumper Balls from Lakeside Collection. Very easy to inflate using your hand, or plug air pump. Made from sturdy and durable materials and fits anyone. But in case one pops, a repair patch is included. Prepare for a blast and get ready to bump and roll around with the kids. Get more than a set to get all the family involved. You won’t be disappointed with these bumper balls and neighbors will likely ask where you bought it at.

Go for the perfect soccer ball to play in the dark and get a Franklin GLOMAX ball from Lakeside Collection. The moment your kids see the GLOMAX ball their faces will light up. Now you don’t have to stop playing because there’s no light, you can continue until midnight with this ball. Kick confidently and make the perfect  goal. The perfect size glowing ball to enjoy a family soccer game in the dark. Great quality ball to use indoors or outdoors at parties, or anytime.

No more TV, just pure entertainment. Join the fun, go on a battle and shoot the target with Discovery Kids Spaceship Laser Tag from Lakeside Collection. Earn points by tagging other spaceship, and see red beam fire once you’ve hit the target. Perfect for playing indoors or outdoors. Great to use on unexpected power outages for non stop entertainment. No more picking up after foam bullets just enjoying a fun time. Cool toy to play for hours and be sure everyone will enjoy the loud noise when you  hit a spaceship.

Take fun to the next level and bring water and balloons to the mix and opt for a Bunch O Balloons Mega Catapult from Lakeside Collection. Get your bucket ready, fill balloons with water and place them in bucket. Set catapult,  release and launch balloons and see them go up to 300 feet. Fantastic outdoor toy guaranteed to be enjoyed by everyone.

Don’t fall into boredome, keep the excitement going, and enjoy a healthy competition with a Ideal Classic Booby Trap Game from Lakeside Collection. Easy to play and gets everyone interested in playing. Feel like a kid again and take your time to make the right pick.

Learn something new in company of your kids and opt for Discovery Kids 5000 Facts Book from Lakeside Collection. Spark your curiosity and explore any subject from science to music and learn new interesting facts. A book great for kids and adults alike with great pictures and easy to understand text.

Have fun and keep your kids entertained with Light-Up Bubble Fan from Lakeside Collection. Kids keep interested when they see bubbles come out of the fan. No more bubbles? Dip in the nubble solution to keep on with the bubble flow.

Entertainment doesn’t depend on TV or going to the movie theater, you can make your own with fun activities from Lakeside Collection.